El Patriotismo y la Globalización


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The theme of one of our first competitions is “El Patriotismo y la Globalización

The question of patriotism is one of the most topical issues in the context of destruction of national identity, sovereignty of state, the collapse of the concept of multiculturalism and in the context of a risk of new social threats. The trial of integrative search for identity becomes the main semantic core that determines the strategy of modernization of modern states.

The collapse of the ideological models of the previous milestone updates the search of the national idea. New party projects that have emerged and that unite the future of modern states with different political ideologies: national liberalism, social democracy etc. The authorities of modern states today prefer abstract interpretations of historical events and eclectic political symbols in order to build a unique patriotic space. The political patriotism becomes one of the treaties in various fields of modern states topics. Dissent political elites forced to find new historical meaning to revive the national identity, to formulate a new national idea.

The background of the competition: the history of the formation of the modern patriotism, the appointment of its socio-cultural determination, political institutionalization aimed to examine the problem of fracture of the political elites.

Working languages: Spanish, English, French

Key dates:
We expect your paper before 02/15/2016
Evaluation and delivery of electronic certificates “trabajosocial.org.es” before 04/04/2016




Ya se pueden consultar los resúmenes aceptados

I Grado

Dipak Bakshi  MARXIST PHILOSOPHY AND THE PROBLEMS OF DEVELOPMENT OF MARXIST THEORY. MARXIST-INTELLECTION. Available at: http://critical-sociology.org/marxist-philosophy-and-the-problems-of-development-of-marxist-theory/

Sujit Das PRACTICE OF SOVIET SOCIALISM IN THE THIRTIES : SUCCESSES & FAILURES. MARXIST-INTELLECTION.  Available at: http://critical-sociology.org/practice-of-soviet-socialism-in-the-thirties-successes-failures/

Prasanta Roy THE GREAT PROLETARIAN CULTURAL REVOLUTION: SOME OBSERVATIONS.MARXIST-INTELLECTION.  Available at: http://critical-sociology.org/the-great-proletarian-cultural-revolution-some-observations/

II Grado

Shubhra Ketan Basu ABSOLUTE GROUND RENT, METABOLIC ALIENATION AND GREEN IMPERIALISM MARXIST-INTELLECTION. Available at: http://critical-sociology.org/absolute-ground-rent-metabolic-alienation-and-green-imperialism/

Vladimir Pavenkov Historical Dilemma of Crimea: Stages of Development. Available at: http://critical-sociology.org/historical-dilemma-of-crimea-stages-of-development/

III Grado

Nilotpal Majumdar  ALAIN BADIOU’S “COMMUNIST HYPOTHESIS”: ‘BEATING THE LUMINOUS WINGS IN THE VOID’. MARXIST-INTELLECTION. Available at: http://critical-sociology.org/alain-badious-communist-hypothesis-beating-the-luminous-wings-in-the-void/

Oleg Pavenkov CHRISTIAN ETHIC OF LOVE AND HINDU ETHIC OF DHARMA: COMPARATIVE ANALYSIS. STUDIA HUMANITATIS  Available at: http://st-hum.ru/content/pavenkov-ov-christian-ethic-love-and-hindu-ethic-dharma-comparative-analysis

Gracias por su participación:

Juan Jiménez, Pablo Ramón, María Rubtsova, Natalia Martyanova, Elena Vasilyeva, Daniel Lutzeler, Basil Petronov